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A lot of Illness and Disease is Caused by Trauma and Unresolved Emotional Baggage...

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Meet Carol Prendergast

I had a childhood illness called Perthes, when the left hip joint didn’t form properly. After a lengthy time in hospital at the age of 4, not particularly fond of hospitals or the whole medical thing, I think their methods, in many cases, are outdated, unnecessary, and detrimental to the healing process, but it’s what they knew at that time.

That experience is what got me onto the Natural Health path.

I have many qualifications over 40 years, including Dip Swedish Remedial Massage Dip. Zen Shiatsu, Whole food Nutrition, Corrective Yoga, Master NLP, Time Line, Hypnosis, Cert. EFT and BSFF, Advanced Enar Therapist, Master Genome, DNA, Stem cell Healing, Kathara Healing 1,2 & 3 and many other certificates, classes, workshops and seminars of varying topics. I love to keep learning as life has much to teach us with many great teachers.

The most important thing we have is our health, it’s not hard to achieve if you educate yourself on methods of self healing.

The statistics for the number of medical related deaths every year is quite alarming, it doesn’t happen with natural health, the witch hunt is on to silence those that speak out about bad practices of western medicine, which props up the greedy multi million dollar pharmaceutical industry who put profits before health.

I used to run my own Firewalk Seminars called “Phoenix Firewalks and Seminars” teaching people to overcome their fears and build trust. I have walked across hot coals hundreds of times.
My aim is to help you transform your life back to wellness.

How much is your health worth to you?

Have you suffered a long time with an illness or emotional issue that hasn’t got better using traditional western methods?
Maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel vibrant, have a restful night sleep, a great memory, be able to focus on a project or task, feel good inside, full of joy, peace and happiness.

Health is natural and normal, illness is not.
These days there are many contributing factors to ill health, mostly caused by ignorance, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, stupid Government policies, lack of knowledge, environmental factors, poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, negative beliefs and sabotage patterns that create illness at the unconscious level.

Watch How Your Body Can Heal Itself & Stop Pain! 

ENAR Therapy as seen on A Currant Affair

Corrective Yoga

Corrective Yoga gives you insights into eastern and western philosophies, based on the seasons, breathing, asanas, meridians and posture.
I studied this yoga along with Zen Shiatsu, it restored my health and strength.

I recovered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in 3 weeks. How many suffer with this disease for years, when there’s an easy solution? Each season relates to organs, emotions, food, tastes, colour, elements e.g Summer is Fire element, relates to Heart, Small Intestine, Heart Constrictor, it’s the season to make those organs stronger and function better.

I’m possibly biased but I think it’s the best yoga out there for all round health and vitality.

Heart (red) Small Intestine (White) Fire Element for Summer

Lay on your back, legs straight toes pulled back.
Bend your arms our at right angles and squeeze your fists.

Breath in and lift up into Fire Fish Pose.

Hold and breathe through your nose for 5 breaths before relaxing down.

Take your legs nice and wide and pull toes back.

Bend your arms up as shown and hook your thumbs into your arm pits.

Pull back on the hands and elbows, squeezing shoulder blades.

Relax into a forward bend.

Our Services


The Power that made the Body, Heals the Body

Based on the understanding that illness, emotional and psychological distress and trauma, start at the conscious level where our thinking and feelings has become out of alignment with the truth of our Soul. We need to correct the spiritual and emotional imbalances before the physical can regenerate the body back to our ‘Perfect Blueprint of Health’.

Genome Healing assists you to journey to your organs, hormones and any affected part, giving them a voice. It communicates to...


The ENAR is a Bio feedback device similar to a TENS but way more effective. There were 2 University studies done for chronic and acute pain mostly for back and neck. 90% of people reduced their medication or ceased taking it altogether and 92% said they preferred ENAR over other treatments.

ENAR Therapy treats acute pain – for recent injuries or dysfunction with sudden onset of pain.
Chronic – painful conditions often 3 months plus.
Holistic – difficult / complex painful problems, maintenance and well-be...

What Others Say...

The ENAR treatment was surprisingly non invasive, and very quickly made a difference to my pain. 
I used the ENAR for 2 weeks straight every morning and every night and noticed a marked imporovement in pain whilst walking with my prosthetic leg

Paul DeGelder, Shark Attack Survivor 

5 years of frozen shoulder, it was five years ago when the tingling started, and gradually the pain became worse and worse. You see I have frozen shoulders and turns out there was no known way to resolve my particular problem effectively. My shoulders were so sore I couldn't lift anything and sleeping was a nightmare! The pain was so bad that day, the next step was to go to the hospital again. I went straight away to for my first ENAR Therapy treattment.
The pain relief was almost instant. After a long five years of growing pain and frustration with pain that wouln't quit - it was quite a story

Sallie Warde, Sydney

I am constantly amazed at how different life is being pain free and when I overdo things I can usually shift or lessen the pain in 
15 - 20 mins

Jen Mildon, QLD 

Experience the Energy Medicine of the Future – Allow your body to 
‘have a voice’ and be transformed

We allow the body to speak. We get you in touch with your body within minutes so your cells, organs and chromosomes can have a voice and be transformed.

Our methods provide an instant internal experience.You feel the transformations within your body as they happen.

Our trauma clearing method is second to none in the world.Unhappy pasts are resolved the fast and gentle way

We heal at the cellular/DNA level through consciousness alone using no muscle testing, tapping or equipment.

Genome, DNA, Stem cell Healing​

Here's what can happen using Genome Healing

"Pain Gone in 30 Minutes"

I am totally blown away by the distant healing session Carol conducted via Skype with me.
I have had a very sofre left shoulder, which has been giving me constant pain. It was so bad I had to take time off work. I have had massages and seen an osteopath, which brought about temporary relief, but I still had the pain after
 these treatments.
As soon as Carol started her genome heling treatment I could feel it working immediately. She helped me communicate with my shoulder, spine and muscular system and by the end of our half-hour session the pain in my neck, back and shulders had goine and I could freely mive my head to the left and right without discomfort. Thank You so much

Trica Fox, Marketing Consultant

"3 Sessons & Trauma Resolved"

I had a stomach/digestive issue that medical test could'nt identify satisfactorily and was drawn to Carol's advertisement, specifically, the words"Inner Se3nse Health". 

I believe that my 3 visits to Carol resolved some deep seated trauma- which I DIDN'T have to relive. Through Genome Stem cell, DNA Healing. 
I cannot explain how the healing actually occurred- the process enabled my body/organ to have a voice. Carol was professional, sensitive to my emotions and facilitated a healing that resolved my health problem. I thoroughly recommend Carol, and the process, to those that are seeking inner peace." Going strong, thank you.

Patricia S. , Taree

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